History and Invention
– Chinese created the first word combination lock in the 13th Century
– Todd Basche invented the modern word lock in 2004
– Todd Basche and Rahn Basche founded WordLock, Inc. in 2007
– WordLock won the Staples Inc. Invention Quest in 2004
– WordLock received Top 100 New Inventions distinction in 2008

Possible Combinations
– The five-ring WordLock contains 10 letters per ring
– Each ring rotates independently, yielding 10,000 different combinations
– WordLock has one blank space on the fifth dial for four-letter words
– Approximately 2,000 words are possible as combinations
– Quasi-words, certain names, acronyms, foreign words, and gibberish can also be used as combinations

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– Locks: How Products Are Made
– Wordlock Wins 2004 Staples Invention Quest
– Wordlist file and UNIX-commandline tools can be used to check combinations
– Reference to Wordlock Patent Appl. No. 29/298,386
– Reference to Wordlock Patent Appl. No. 29/298,385

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