William Swan Sonnenschein

– Sonnenschein apprenticed to London publishers and book importers Williams and Norgate.
– In 1878, he founded the publishing firm W. Swan Sonnenschein & Allen.
– In 1882, the firm’s name was changed to W. Swan Sonnenschein & Co.
– The firm became a limited liability company in 1895.
– Sonnenschein published renowned book series like the Library of Philosophy and the Social Science Series.

– Sonnenschein was one of six children of Adolphus Sonnenschein and Sarah Robinson Stallybrass.
– His brother was the English classical scholar Edward Adolf Sonnenschein.
– He married Helena Teulon in 1882.
– Sonnenschein and Helena had two children: William Teulon Swan Sonnenschein and Frances Helena Swan Sonnenschein.
– During World War I, the family changed their surname to Stallybrass due to anti-German hostility.

Books written
– ‘The Best Books: A Reader’s Guide to the Choice of the Best Available Books’ (1887)
– ‘The Best Books: A Reader’s Guide to the Choice of the Best Available Books’ (3rd edition, 1910-35)
– Sonnenschein’s bibliography became a standard reference book in larger libraries.
– His work was praised by The New York Times as a valuable resource.
– Additional information is needed for clarification.

Books edited
– Sonnenschein edited ‘The Buccaneers of America’ by John Esquemeling.
– He also edited ‘The Epic of the Beast,’ which included English translations of ‘The History of Reynard the Fox’ and ‘Physiologus.’
– These editions were published by George Routledge & Sons.
– The books featured introductions by Andrew Lang and William Rose.
– They included illustrations by Kaulbach and notes by James Carlill.

– Sonnenschein’s work is referenced in ‘The Oxford Companion to the Book.’
– Richard Aldington’s autobiography mentions Sonnenschein.
– The Reading University’s Special Collections Services hold references related to Sonnenschein.
– His biographical information can be found in ‘Who Was Who 1929-1940.’
– A review of Sonnenschein’s ‘The Best Books’ was published in The New York Times.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Swan_Sonnenschein