Design and Function of the Cryptex
– The cryptex is a stone cylinder with five doughnut-sized disks of marble stacked and affixed to one another within a delicate brass framework.
– Each disk is carved with the entire alphabet and can be rotated independently to create different letter-alignment combinations.
– The number of potential combinations is between 279,841 and 456,976, depending on the disk alignment.
– The cryptex works like a combination lock, and when the disks are arranged to spell out the correct password, the tumblers inside align and the cylinder slides apart.
– Inside the cryptex, secret information can be hidden, written on a scroll of thin papyrus wrapped around a fragile vial of vinegar as a security measure.

Cryptex in Popular Culture
– In the TV series Parks and Recreation, Ron helps Ben open a cryptex in an elaborate scavenger hunt.
– In the TV series Witches of East End, Dash and Killian inherit a cryptex from their mother.
– The NBC reality series Treasure Hunters featured nested cryptex as puzzles for contestants.
– In the TV series Eureka, a nearly-unbreakable cryptex is the key to a hidden underground bunker.
– In the South Korean variety show Running Man, cast members must find clues attached to staff members to open their cryptex.

Trademark of Cryptex in the United States
– Cryptex is a registered trademark of Justin Kirk Nevins in the United States.

Related Concepts
Combination lock
Wordlock, a combination lock using letters instead of numerals
– Jefferson disk, a cipher-encoding device similar to a cryptex

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