Palestinian key

Description and Symbolism of Palestinian Keys
– The keys are large and old-fashioned in style.
– Enlarged replicas are often found around Palestinian refugee camps.
– They are used at pro-Palestinian demonstrations worldwide as collective symbols.
– Palestinian keys symbolize the Nakba, or the displacement of Palestinians in 1947-1948.
– The keys represent the hope for return and a claim to their lost properties.

World’s Largest Key
– The world’s largest key is located in Katara, Doha, Qatar.
– It holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest key.
– The key weighs 2.7 tonnes and measures 7.8 x 3 meters.
– The key is designed in the style of a Palestinian key representing the Nakba.
– The record was set by a Palestinian restaurant in Doha, Qatar.

Gallery of Palestinian Keys
– The Aida refugee camp, near Bethlehem, has an entrance adorned with keys.
– Palestinian art often incorporates keys to symbolize United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194.
– Graffiti art on the West Bank Wall includes a key as part of the Arabic word for peace.
– Outside Jericho, a key is depicted with the words ‘We will return…’
– Keys are a powerful symbol of Palestinian identity and the desire for return.

Related Information and References
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– There is a list of national symbols of Palestine.
– The Palestinian key is an important part of Palestinian culture.
– The key is closely tied to the history of Palestinian refugees.
– The key represents the ongoing struggle for recognition and reconciliation.
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