Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

Background and Scope of Work
– TNO was established in 1932 to support companies and governments with innovative knowledge.
– TNO has an independent position and gives objective, scientifically founded judgments.
– TNO is similar to organizations such as CSIR in Ghana, CSIR in India, CSIR in South Africa, CSIRO in Australia, Fraunhofer Society in Germany, and SINTEF in Norway.
– TNO held 10% of the Austrian research center Joanneum Research from 2004 to 2014.
– TNO fulfills government responsibilities related to defense, security, workforce participation, and the Geological Survey.
– TNO’s work is focused on 9 domains aligned with national economic policy and social issues.
– TNO’s strategy is based on technological advances and trends in society.
– TNO’s work is in line with the challenges and goals of the Top Sectors in the Netherlands and Europe.
– TNO’s work is relevant to the challenges and goals of the national economic policy.
– TNO’s work is based on social issues relevant to the Netherlands and Europe.

TNO’s Financial Model
– TNO is a not-for-profit knowledge organization.
– TNO generates a modest profit to fund investments and ensure continuity in knowledge development.
– Early Research Programmes and Shared Innovation Programmes are partially funded with public funds.
– Research results are further developed and applied in contract research, fully funded by TNO’s customers.
– TNO brings research closer to the market through spin-outs and licenses.

Typical Projects
– TROPOMI: TNO designed the optomechanical heart of the satellite instrument.
– Personalized Digital Health: TNO focuses on prediction, prevention, personalization, participation, and privacy in improving digital healthcare.
– Hybridisation of Trucks and Buses: TNO leads a project to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for trucks and buses.
– Truck Platooning: TNO develops truck platooning technology for faster, cheaper, cleaner, and safer road transport.
– The North Sea Energy project: TNO is part of a consortium project for emission-free energy production in the North Sea.

– TNO is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.
– Other locations include Amsterdam, Delft, Rijswijk, Leiden, Groningen, Helmond, Petten, Soesterberg, Utrecht, Zeist, and Eindhoven.
– TNO has international branch offices in Shin-Yokohama (Japan), Toronto (Canada), Brussels (Belgium), Doha (Qatar), Singapore, and Aruba.
– The locations Hoofddorp and Enschede were closed in 2014.

Collaborations, Partnerships, and Controversies
– Collaboration with Joanneum Research
– Collaboration with GeoERA for geosciences research
– Collaboration with All Honorable Men
– Collaboration with NOS for UMTS-mast research
– Collaboration with PC Magazine for solar road project
– TNO’s role in the balkondrama case
– Allegations of fraud in the Enschede firework disaster investigation
– Criticisms of TNO’s involvement in the UMTS-mast research
– Controversial evacuation of Bos en Lommerplein Adam
– Controversial actions in the investigation of the vuurwerkramp Enschede

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