ALOA Security Professionals Association

History and Establishment
– ALOA was founded in 1955.
– Lee Rognon was the executive secretary.
– The first headquarters was established in Kingston, New York.
– The first biennial convention was held in Chicago in 1956.
– The 1958 convention included a lock-picking contest.

– ALOA moved its headquarters from Kingston, New York, to Dallas, Texas, in 1973.
– The central library of locksmithing literature was also moved to Dallas.
– Lee Rognon remained the Executive Director during the move.

– ALOA hosts an annual Security Expo with classes, networking events, exhibits, and a membership meeting.
– The 2022 Security Expo was held in Las Vegas.
– The 2023 Security Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida.
– ALOA offers five locksmith membership designations through its Proficiency Registration Program.
– ALOA owns the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) and proctors its specialty certifications.

– ALOA publishes a monthly magazine called ‘Keynotes.’
– The magazine is available in both digital and paper formats.
– ‘Keynotes’ is for the members of ALOA.
– ALOA also produces educational films on security issues.
– The films were narrated by actors Raymond Burr and Henry Fonda.Sources: