History and Specifications
– First known safe dates back to the 13th century BC and was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses II
– Blacksmiths in southern Germany, Austria, and France forged cash boxes in the 16th century
– Iron safes in the shape of a barrel were made in the 17th century in northern Europe
– English inventors Charles and Jeremiah Chubb received a patent for a burglar-resisting safe in 1835
– Inventor Henry Brown patented a fire retardant receptacle for storing and preserving papers in 1886
– Burglar-resistance
– Fire-resistance
– Environmental resistance (e.g., water or dust)
– Type of lock (e.g., combination, key, time lock, electronic locking)
– Location (e.g., wall safe, floor safe)

Room-sized fireproof vaults
– Modular room-sized vaults are more economical for larger volumes of heat-sensitive materials
– Fireproof vaults are rated up to Class 125-4 Hour for large data storage applications
– Ceramic fiber is used as the core of the modular panel system in these vaults
– Class 150 vaults protect microfilm and Class 350 vaults protect valuable paper documents
– Class 125 vaults are being installed to protect entire data centers as technology advances

Fire-resistant safes
– Designed to protect contents from high temperatures or fire
– Rated by the amount of time they can withstand extreme temperatures
– Available in half-hour to four-hour durations
– BS EN-1047 standard is used in the UK to determine their ability to withstand heat and impact damage
– Document safes maintain an internal temperature below 177°C while in a heated environment

Wall safes
– Designed to provide hidden protection
– Can be installed in walls for discreet storage
– Offer security and easy access to valuables
– Can be concealed behind paintings or furniture
– Provide a space-saving solution for storing important items

Jewelry Safes
Burglary and fire safes designed for jewelry and valuables
– Made with interior jewelry chests of fine woods and fabric liners
– Offer a range of organizational configurations
– High-end safes specifically manufactured for jewelry storage
– Provide enhanced security and protection for valuable itemsSources: