Military Applications
– Tripwires are attached to mines, such as fragmentation or bounding mines, to increase the triggering area.
– Tripwires are commonly used in booby traps, where pulling or releasing tension on the wire triggers explosives.
– Silly String can be used by soldiers to detect tripwires. It settles on the ground where there are no wires and rests on taut wires without triggering explosives.
– Green line lasers can be used to illuminate and expose trip and command wires by reflecting off the tripwire.
– Tripwires have been used by U.S. troops in combat situations, particularly in Iraq.

Industrial Applications
– Tripwires can be installed near industrial equipment, like conveyor belts, to allow workers to quickly stop the equipment.
– These tripwires may also be referred to as emergency stop pull-cords.

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– Tripwires are classified as anti-personnel weapons.
– They are also used as warning systems for security purposes.
– Tripwires are considered explosive weapons.
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