Time lock

Definition and Purpose of Time Locks
– A time lock is a part of a locking mechanism commonly found in bank vaults and high-security containers.
– It is designed to prevent the opening of the safe or vault until it reaches the preset time.
– Time locks are effective even if the correct lock combination(s) are used.
– They were created to prevent criminals from kidnapping and torturing individuals who know the combination.
– Time locks also ensure that authorized staff cannot access the vault at unauthorized times.

Installation and Functionality of Time Locks
– Time locks are mounted on the inside of safes or vaults doors.
– Typically, there are three time locks on a door, with the first one allowing access to the vault when it reaches 0.
– The other two time locks serve as backup mechanisms.
– Modern electronic time locks offer additional features like resettable timers and pre-set activation times.
– Mechanical time locks are still in use, but electronic time locks provide more advanced capabilities.

Historical Example of Time Lock Effectiveness
– In May 1875, a gang of robbers took the family of banker Frederick N. Deland hostage.
– They demanded that Deland open the vault of the Grand Mahawie Bank in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
– The robbers were foiled by a time lock that had been recently installed.
– The time lock prevented them from accessing the vault and ensured the safety of the hostages.
– This incident demonstrated the effectiveness of time locks in preventing unauthorized access.

Advantages of Modern Electronic Time Locks
– Electronic time locks offer more functionalities compared to mechanical time locks.
– They have resettable timers, allowing for flexibility in setting access times.
– Pre-set activation times can be programmed, enhancing security measures.
– Electronic time locks are more resistant to tampering and manipulation.
– Their advanced features make them a preferred choice in high-security environments.

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