Steering-wheel lock

Definition and Function of Steering-Wheel Locks
– Visible anti-theft device for cars
– Immobilizes the steering wheel
– Also known as crook lock or club lock
– First generation locks connected steering wheel to brake or clutch pedal
– Later models extend over the dashboard to prevent turning

History of Steering-Wheel Locks
– Used since early 1920s
– Initially designed for open touring cars and roadsters
– Patents filed in 1916
– Published in Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office
– Reduced crime rates when introduced in the 1970s

Limitations and Vulnerabilities of Steering-Wheel Locks
– Can be defeated by cutting the lock or steering wheel
– Not to be confused with steering column locks
– Steering column locks immobilize the column when the key is removed
– Standard feature in modern cars
– Steering column locks contributed to reduced crime rates

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