The Club (automotive)

Design and Features of The Club
– The Club consists of two pieces locked together to form a long bar with two hooks.
– Each piece has a hook that fits around the rim of the steering wheel.
– The smaller piece slides in and out for sizing.
– When locked, the larger piece’s handle protrudes, preventing the wheel from turning.
– The device cannot be removed due to its size.

Weaknesses of The Club
– The original design was susceptible to lock shattering when frozen with freon.
– Later models addressed this issue by using a chromium/molybdenum alloy.
– Thieves can defeat the lock by cutting through the steering wheel’s outer rim.
– Removing The Club can assist thieves in breaking the steering lock built into the steering column.
– The Cap, an additional device, can be defeated by replacing the entire steering wheel.

Additional Variations of The Club
– The Club was modified with two hooks on each end, requiring two cuts to remove.
– The Club Buster, designed for locksmiths, uses a screw and hook to break steering wheel locks.
– The Club Buster provides mechanical advantage and forces the lock to fold or snap.

Impact of The Club
– The Club has been widely adopted as an anti-theft measure for automobiles.
– It has been successful in deterring car theft in many cases.
– The Club’s design improvements have made it more resistant to attacks.
– Thieves may target cars with The Club for the purpose of breaking the steering lock.
– The Club’s effectiveness depends on the specific circumstances and the determination of thieves.

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