Raising (metalworking)

Metalworking Techniques
– Technique used in metalworking
– Smoothens and finishes the surface of metal
– Involves hammering or pressing the metal with a planishing hammer or machine
– Creates a uniform and polished appearance
– Used in various industries such as automotive, jewelry, and sculpture
– Sinking
– Metalworking technique used to create concave shapes
– Involves hammering or pressing the metal into a depression or mold
– Commonly used in the production of bowls, cups, and other hollow objects
– Requires precision and skill to achieve desired shape and depth
– Used in both traditional and modern metalworking processes

Metalworking Resources
– ‘Sheet Metal Workers Manual’ by Broemel, L. (1918)
– Published in 1918
– Provides comprehensive instruction on sheet metal industry, machinery, and tools
– Includes information on oxy-acetylene welding and cutting process
– Valuable resource for sheet metal workers and enthusiasts
– ‘Silversmithing’ by Rupert Finegold and William Seitz
– Published by Krause in 1983
– Focuses on the art of silversmithing
– Explores various techniques, tools, and materials used in silversmithing
– Provides insights into the history and contemporary practices of silversmithing

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