Segal Lock and Hardware Company

History and Expansion of the Corporation
– Segal Lock and Hardware Company was established in Connecticut and Manhattan in the 1920s.
– The company relocated to Brooklyn, New York in the mid-1920s.
– In 1926, Segal purchased a square block in Brooklyn for use as a factory and foundry.
– The company owned two large factory buildings, a foundry, and a machine shop on the property.
– Segal planned to add three more large buildings at an approximate cost of $500,000.

Acquisitions and Product Development
– In 1929, Segal acquired a controlling interest in the Norwalk Lock Company and the Universal Razor Blade Corporation.
– The corporation introduced a single-unit safety razor in late 1930.
– The following year, Segal launched the Unimatic Segal Razor, a one-piece razor that accepted a double-edged blade.
– In 1931, the company entered into a contract with United Cigar Stores to feature and distribute Segal razors and blades.
– In 1947, Segal Lock and Hardware Company acquired Strauss Fasteners Inc.

– In 1931, Segal Lock and Hardware Company sued Gillette for $2,000,000 in a loss of blade contract, claiming a violation of the Clayton Antitrust Act.
– A subsequent suit resulted in an agreement between Segal and Gillette, with Segal discontinuing the manufacture of blades that infringed the Gillette patent.
– Segal continued to manufacture its own razors and blades that fit their own razors.
– However, they were forced to discontinue making blades that also fit Gillette razor handles.

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