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Types of Pens
– Reed pens: oldest known type, made from reeds in Nile delta, used in ancient Egypt, had split nibs for ink flow regulation
– Quill pens: made from bird feathers, usually goose, sharp quill dipped in ink, one of the oldest types
– Dip pens: reed and quill pens that require frequent dipping in ink, modern dip pens have metal nibs
– Fountain pens: similar to dip pens but can hold more ink, have sac or cartridge inside
– Ballpoint pens: cylindrical plastic shaft, smaller than fountain pens, have a rolling ball for ink transfer

– Stylus: cannot write on paper, used on clay or wax
– Ancient stylus: made of wood or metal, used in cuneiform writing
– Modern computer stylus: made of plastic, may have electronics, used with touchscreen devices

Writing on Paper
– Personal computers reduced the need for writing on paper
– Personally written letters show effort and thoughtfulness
– Writing tools like pens, pencils, ink, and paper are related
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– Pen, ink, and evidence: a study of writing and writing materials

History of Pens
– Reed pens invented by ancient Egyptians
– Black ink invented by ancient Egyptians using soot and gum arabic
– Quill pens made from bird feathers
– Dip pens require frequent dipping in ink
– Fountain pens can hold enough ink for several pages

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