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Medeco – High-Security Locks
– Medeco is a manufacturer of high-security locks.
– The Medeco cylinder uses a rotating pin and sidebar design.
– The keys have angled cuts that rotate the pins, making it difficult to pick.
– Medeco locks are considered more secure than most other locks.
– Medeco is a subsidiary of the Swedish Assa Abloy Group.

History of Medeco
– Medeco’s full name is Mechanical Development Company.
– It was founded in the United States.
– Medeco locks were first introduced in the 1960s.
– The company became a subsidiary of Assa Abloy Group.
– Medeco has a long history of producing high-quality locks.

Vulnerabilities of Medeco Locks
– In 2006, it was discovered that a set of four bump keys could open most Medeco locks at that time.
– Newer Medeco locks require a larger set of bump keys.
– These keys are known as the Four Keys to the Kingdom among locksmiths.
– Some locksmiths claim that Medeco locks are not as secure as advertised.
– Medeco locks have faced criticism for their vulnerability to picking.

Medeco’s Ownership
– Medeco is owned by the Assa Abloy Group.
– Assa Abloy Group is a Swedish company.
– Assa Abloy Group is one of the world’s largest lock manufacturers.
– Assa Abloy Group also owns other lock brands, including Abloy.
– Medeco benefits from being part of a larger lock manufacturing conglomerate.

Medeco’s Impact
– Medeco locks are commonly used in high-security applications, such as government buildings and banks.
– The company has a strong reputation for producing reliable and durable locks.
– Medeco locks have contributed to advancements in lock technology.
– Medeco’s rotating pin and sidebar design has influenced other lock manufacturers.
– Medeco has played a significant role in the development of high-security lock systems.Sources: