Mästermyr chest

History and Discovery
– Mästermyr mire used to be a lake, which was drained in 1902-10.
– The chest was found in October 1936 by farmer Hugo Kraft in a field owned by Emil Norrby in Snoder, Sproge near Hemse.
– It was discovered in an area that was plowed for the first time.
– The chest is now displayed in the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm.

Find and Speculations
– The Mästermyr chest contained various objects such as three bronze cauldrons, three bells, and an iron fire-grid.
– A chain with 26 figure-of-eight shaped links was wrapped around the chest, serving as an extra lock and handle.
– The chest and its contents were likely placed in a boat that capsized and sank in the lake.
– Another theory suggests that the chest was temporarily hidden at the water’s edge.
– The chest contained Viking-era blacksmithing and woodworking tools, providing valuable insights into technology during the Viking Age.

Contents of the Chest
– The chest contained over 200 tools and works in progress, making it the largest Viking tool find in Europe.
– The tools resemble early Roman tools, indicating the spread of technological influences through trade.
– The contents suggest that the chest belonged to a traveling craftsman skilled in blacksmithing, carpentry, locks, coppersmithing, and coopering.
– Among the items were three padlocks inspired by Roman designs found in Birka.
– Enthusiasts worldwide are replicating the chest and its contents using similar techniques.

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