History and Name Change
– April 1993: Ball Corporation spins off its canning business as Alltrista Corporation.
– May 2002: Alltrista changes its name to Jarden Corporation.
– Martin E. Franklin joins the company in 2001.
– Martin Franklin conceives the name Jarden by combining the heritage of the Ball Mason Jar with the concept of products being used in the home.
– Jarden also invokes the French word for garden, as the company planned to expand its product range outside the home.

Branded Consumables
– Branded Consumables are niche, affordable, consumable household staples.
– In July 2014, Branded Consumables delivered Net Sales of $3.0 billion with a Segment Earnings Margin of 17.4%.
– Acquisitions: Breville brand, Holmes Products, John Oster Manufacturing Company, Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam Products, The Rival Company, Oster Clipper.

Outdoor Solutions
– Outdoor Solutions are recreational products for enjoying the outdoors.
– In July 2014, Outdoor Solutions delivered Net Sales of $2.7 billion with a Segment Earnings Margin of 11.0%.
– Acquisitions: ABU Garcia, Berkley, Coleman Company, K2 Sports, Marker, Marmot, Penn Reels, Rawlings, Shakespeare Fishing Tackle, Völkl, Worr Game Products.

Consumer Solutions
– In July 2014, Consumer Solutions had Net Sales of $2.2 billion with a Segment Earnings Margin of 16.2%.
– Acquisitions: Diamond Match Company, First Alert, United States Playing Card Company, Yankee Candle.

Process Solutions
– Jarden Corporation owns Jarden Process Solutions, including Jarden Plastic Solutions, Jarden Applied Materials, and Jarden Zinc Products.
– Jarden Zinc Products is the principal supplier of zinc for the manufacture of the U.S. penny.
– Jarden Applied Materials and Jarden Plastic Solutions are part of Jarden Process Solutions.

Acquisition of Jarden by Newell Rubbermaid
– Newell Rubbermaid acquired Jarden for over $15 billion.
– The acquisition was reported by The Wall Street Journal.
– The deal included the purchase of Rawlings, a company owned by Jarden.
– The acquisition was completed in 2018.
– Jarden Corporation’s annual reports provide further information on the transaction.

Jarden’s Company Overview
– Jarden is a corporation with various divisions and brands.
– Some of Jarden’s divisions include Newell Custom Writing Instruments and Rubbermaid Commercial Products.
– Jarden owns well-known brands such as Mr. Coffee, Mr. Sketch, Paper Mate, and Parker.
– Other brands under Jarden’s ownership include Prismacolor, Reynolds, Rolodex, Rotring, Sharpie, Waterman, and X-Acto.
– Sanford L.P. was formerly part of Jarden.

– In January 2006, a class action lawsuit was filed against Jarden Corp and its CEO for securities fraud.
– Attorney Christopher Gray filed a class action lawsuit against Jarden Corp.
– The lawsuit was reported by the Houston Chronicle.
– The lawsuit was filed on February 18, 2006.
– The outcome or resolution of the lawsuit is not mentioned.
– No information is provided regarding the nature of the lawsuit or its allegations.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarden