Fred Waring

Biography and Career
– Fredrick Malcolm Waring was born on June 9, 1900, in Tyrone, Pennsylvania.
– Waring founded the Waring-McClintock Snap Orchestra with his brother Tom and friend Poley McClintock.
– He studied architectural engineering at Penn State University.
– Waring married Dorothy McAteer in 1923, divorced her in 1929, and remarried Evelyn Nair in 1933.
– His band, Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, were among Victor Records’ bestselling bands from 1923 to late 1932.
– He abruptly quit recording in 1932 but continued performing on radio.
– Waring’s radio show, The Fred Waring Show, aired from 1933 to 1957.
– He composed and performed patriotic songs during World War II.
– Waring recorded albums with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby in 1964.

Choral Workshops
– Waring organized the Fred Waring Choral Workshop in 1947.
– Musicians learned to sing with precision, sensitivity, and enthusiasm at these workshops.
– Waring taught and supervised these summer workshops for 37 years.
– The workshops spread his approach to choral singing throughout the nation.
– The first workshop in the western United States was held in 1968 at the University of Nevada.

Television and Performances
– Waring’s television show, The Fred Waring Show, ran on CBS from 1948 to 1954.
– He introduced the Young Pennsylvanians, a group of performers who sang old favorites and contemporary songs.
– Waring adapted to changing musical tastes and continued touring.
– The show received several awards for Best Musical Program.
– Waring logged approximately 40,000 miles a year for his touring performances.

Waring Blender
– Waring provided financial backing for inventor Frederick Jacob Osius’ electric blender.
– The Miracle Mixer, later renamed the Waring Blendor, was introduced in 1937.
– The Waring Blendor became an important tool in hospitals and scientific research.
– Jonas Salk used it while developing his polio vaccine.
– The Waring Corporation, now a division of the Conair Corporation, sold over a million blenders.

Legacy and External Links
– The Fred Waring Music Workshop was established in 1966.
– Waring Drive in Palm Springs was named in his honor.
– He has a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.
– Waring’s cartoon collection is archived at Penn State University Libraries.
– The Fred Waring Cartoon Collection was digitized for online access.
– External links include “Fred Waring’s America” online exhibition, Virginia Waring’s interview, Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians recordings at the Red Hot Jazz Archive, and Fred Waring recordings at the Internet Archive.
– References include The New York Times obituary, records of Waring’s patents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, information about Fred Waring at the Pennsylvania Center for the Book, John Dunning’s book “On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio,” and resources at the LC Catalog and the University of Nevada’s Knowledge Center.Sources: