Conair Corporation

Company Overview and Ownership
– Conair Corporation is an American company based in Stamford, Connecticut.
– It sells small appliances, personal care products, and health and beauty products.
– The company serves both professionals and consumers.
– Conair is majority-owned by private equity firm American Securities.
– It has some minority stakes held by family members of founder Leandro Rizzuto.

History and Acquisitions
– Founded in 1959 in Queens, New York.
– Started by selling hair rollers and hair dryers.
– Became a public company in 1972, then went private again in 1985.
– Owned by co-founder and chairman Leandro Rizzuto until his death in 2017.
– Acquired BaByliss in 1995, a brand known for innovative hair styling products.
– Conair acquired Cuisinart in 1989 and Waring Products in 1998.
– They also acquired Allegro, a bag manufacturer, in 2007.
– Pollenex was acquired and rebranded as Conair Home in 2013.
– Transom Capital Group acquired Conair’s professional liquids division in 2019.

Product Range
– Conair is one of the largest producers of hair care appliances.
– Their products include hair dryers, styling irons, and innovative hair curlers.
– They also manufacture home kitchen appliances under the brands Cuisinart and Waring.
– The company offers a wide range of personal care products and accessories.
– Additionally, they have a line of travel accessories and small consumer appliances.

Subsidiaries and Global Presence
– Babyliss SARL is one of their subsidiaries based in Paris, France.
– Conair sells products in over 100 countries worldwide.
– They have offices and subsidiaries in over 12 countries.
– The company has a strong global distribution network.
– Conair’s products are widely available internationally.

Other Information
– Conair Corporation went private again in 1985.
– Leandro Rizzuto was the co-founder and chairman of the company until his death in 2017.Sources: