Jagdeep Dhankhar
– Born in 1951
– Indian politician
– Vice President of India
– Notable figure in Indian politics
– Recognized for his contributions to public service

Kanishtha Dhankhar
– Former Miss India
– Achieved recognition in the beauty pageant industry
– Represented India on an international stage
– Contributed to the promotion of Indian culture
– Served as a role model for aspiring models

Rear Admiral Rajesh Dhankhar
– Serving flag officer of the Indian Navy
– Holds a high-ranking position in the military
– Demonstrates leadership skills and strategic thinking
– Contributes to the defense and security of India
– Represents India on a global scale

Manoj Dhankhar
– Commonwealth Games 2010 Gold Medalist Wrestler
– Achieved success in the field of sports
– Recognized for his talent and dedication
– Awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award
– Serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes

Om Prakash Dhankhar
– BJP state president, Haryana
– Former Cabinet Minister in the Haryana Government
– Holds a prominent position in the political sphere
– Works towards the development of Haryana
– Represents the interests of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Haryana

Note: Sudesh Dhankhar does not have any identical concepts with the other individuals mentioned, so she will be considered separately.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhankhar