History and Origins of Coppersmithing
– Copper is believed to be the first metal used by humans.
– Coppersmithing is mentioned in the Bible.
– Copper was worked in England, with ores smelted in Wales as early as the 1500s.
– Copper was found in great quantities in North America, especially Montana, and near Lake Superior.
– Coppersmithing benefited from the invention of sheet metal rollers, making copper wares more versatile.

Coppersmith Trade
– Coppersmiths can create copper wares from a sheet of copper and repair and re-tin copper cookware interiors.
– Some coppersmiths specialize in specific forms or items, such as biscuit ovens or mugs.
– Apprentices start learning the trade at a young age and perform tasks like breaking coke or sal ammoniac blocks.
– Centers where the coppersmith trade has flourished include regions with copper mines like Iberia and India.
– In recent years, coppersmiths have turned to pipe work, including stainless steel and aluminum.

Examples of Objects Made by Modern Coppersmiths
– Jewelry, sculptures, weather vanes, overmantels, fenders, decorative panels, and challenge shields.
– Plates and cookware, cigarette cases, tobacco jars, tea and coffee pots, jugs, vases, trays, frames, rose bowls, timpani, kettles, stew, fry and sauce pans, warming pans.
– Awnings, light fixtures, fountains, range hoods, cupolas, and stills.
– Butter churn, ship sheathing, copper mugs, ladles, funnels, basins, coal scuttle, glue pots.
– Notable copper styles in the UK include Newlyn in Cornwall and Keswick in Cumbria.

Properties and Working of Copper
– Copper is generally considered a soft metal that can be worked without heating.
– Working the metal without annealing can cause stress and cracking.
– Annealing involves heating the metal and rapidly cooling it in water to relax the atoms and allow for easier shaping.
– Copper can be cooled rapidly in water, unlike ferrous metals that require slow cooling.
– Quenching prevents the atoms from moving and causing tension in the metal structure.

Additional Notes
– Anthropologists believe copper to be the first metal used by humans.
– Coppersmithing is mentioned in the Bible.
– The invention of sheet metal rollers benefited coppersmithing.
– Copper was found in great quantities in North America.
– Coppersmiths in recent years have turned to pipe work in various metals.Sources: