Tubular pin tumbler lock

Design and Components
– Tubular lock has stacks of pins similar to pin tumbler lock
– Key is a cylinder shape with notches cut around outer or inner edge
– Notches depress pins to specific height, allowing lock cylinder to turn
– Key pins and driver pins are pushed towards front of lock, preventing plug from rotating
– Tubular key has half-cylinder indentations that align with pins

– Commonly seen on bicycle locks, Kensington computer locks, elevators, vending machines, and coin-operated washing machines
– Considered safer and more resistant to picking than standard locks
– Often used on coin boxes and machines in laundromats due to shorter physical length
– Tubular pin tumbler locks are commonly used in applications where security is important

– Can be picked with special tubular lock pick or drilled with hole-saw drill bit
– Some tubular locks can be opened with back end of a ball-point pen
– Many tubular locks have hardened steel middle pin or contain a ball bearing to prevent drilling
– Vulnerabilities in tubular locks make them less secure compared to other types of locks
– Certain models of tubular locks have specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited

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