Swage block

Definition and Function of a Swage Block
– A swage block is a large, heavy block of cast iron or steel used in smithing.
– It has variously-sized holes in its face and forms on the sides.
– The through-holes hold, support, or back up a hot bar of metal for shaping.
– Operations performed on a swage block include bending, cutting, punching, and forming.
– The scalloped sides present formed shapes for forging operations.

Shapes and Sections on a Swage Block
– The swage block has various shapes and sizes of through-holes.
– These shapes include curves, such as the curve of a wheel for finishing a wheel rim.
– The half hexagon shape, when used with a top swage, forms a hexagonal cross-section on a bar.
– The swage block’s edge has corresponding shapes for shaping iron bars into various sections.
– The image shows a 15-inch square swage block with semi-circular, hexagonal, and square shapes.

Types of Swage Blocks
– There are two general types of swage blocks: industrial and artistic.
– Industrial swage blocks are used in traditional smithing and come in various shapes and sizes.
– Artist blacksmiths use artistic swage blocks for forming metal in unique ways.
– Artistic blocks have features like hemispherical and ovoid depressions and non-standard angled planes.
– Individual artistic blocks may have unique features relevant to a specific blacksmith or craft branch.

Features of Artistic Swage Blocks
– Artistic swage blocks allow metal forming to various angles and shapes.
– They are commonly used for creating spoons, ladles, and funnels.
– The example pictured is a 10-inch square block, four inches deep.
– Artistic swage blocks have asymmetrical curves and non-standard angled planes.
– These blocks cater to the specific needs and preferences of artist blacksmiths.

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