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[GROUP 1: Definition and Purpose of a Shed]
– A shed is a single-storey structure used for storage in gardens, as a workshop, or for hobbies.
– Sheds come in various types and sizes, including open-sided sheds with tin roofs and large wooden or plastic structures.

[GROUP 2: Types of Sheds]
– Sheds can be open-sided with tin roofs, framed with wood, or made of plastic.
– Some sheds on farms are tall and spacious.
– Sheds can also be constructed with metal or vinyl panels.

[GROUP 3: Materials Used in Shed Construction]
– Sheds can be made with metal panels attached to a metal frame, plastic or vinyl panels, or wooden frames.
– The choice of materials depends on the shed’s purpose.

[GROUP 4: Shed Usage on Farms]
– Sheds used on farms are often large and tall, providing storage for equipment and machinery.
– Farm sheds can also house livestock or serve as shelter.
– These sheds are crucial for agricultural operations and come in different sizes and designs.

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