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Definition and Causes of Rust
– Rust is a type of corrosion that affects iron and its alloys.
– It occurs when iron is exposed to air or water for a long time.
– Rust slowly decomposes iron into other chemicals due to a reaction with oxygen molecules.
– Both air and water are necessary for rust to occur.
– Metals can be protected from rust by covering them with paint, oil, grease, or plastic.

Appearance and Effects of Rust
– When iron rusts, it becomes red or brown.
– Rust appears on metal when it is left outside in damp air.
– It often occurs in cracks of alloys or metals where rainwater can enter and cause corrosion.
– Rust weakens the strength of iron.
– The decay of metal eventually happens as a result of rust.

Protection from Rust
– Some metals, like aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel, form a thin coating of tough corrosion that isolates the rest of the metal from oxygen.
– This coating prevents further corrosion and maintains the shine of aluminium.
– Rusting iron forms iron oxides that are not tough, allowing air and water to continue corroding the metal.
– Sacrificial protection and industrial galvanizing are methods to protect metals from rust.
– Alloys, such as stainless steel, rust more slowly than pure iron.

Similarities between Rust and Basidiomycete Fungi
– Some types of basidiomycete fungi can be mistaken for rust due to their color and texture.
– These fungi can also be found on metals.
– They share similarities with rust in terms of appearance.
– Basidiomycete fungi and rust can both cause damage to metals.
– The presence of these fungi can be misleading when identifying rust.

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