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Types of Rotation
– Clockwise direction
– Anticlockwise direction
– Rotation around a point in one plane

Rotation in Aviation
– Rotation in flight dynamics
– Principal rotations: pitch, roll, and yaw
– Rotation used to refer to the upward pitch of an aircraft
– Same terms used for fish moving through water
– Rotation plays a role in aviation during the major climb for takeoff

Rotation in Amusement Rides
– Many amusement rides provide rotation
– Ferris wheel and observation wheel have a horizontal central axis
– Parallel axes for each gondola with opposite rotation
– Rotation can be achieved by gravity or mechanically
– Rotation is a key feature of amusement rides

Rotation in Sports
– Rotation, also known as spin, is important in many sports
– Topspin and backspin in tennis
– English and draw in billiards and pool
– Curve balls in baseball
– Spin bowling in cricket

Rotation in Table Tennis
– Table tennis paddles are specialized to allow players to spin the ball
– Spin is an important technique in table tennis
– Different types of spin can be achieved: topspin, backspin, sidespin
– Spin can affect the trajectory and bounce of the ball
– Skilled players use spin to their advantage in table tennis matchesSources: