Roller shutter

Applications and Use Cases
– Roller shutters used for doors in vans, garages, kitchens, schools, prisons, and warehouses.
– Also used as window blinds in some European countries.
– Subsidized by local governments in areas prone to inclement weather.
– Provide insulation and protection against hail damage.
– Some municipalities require permits or restrict certain types of roller shutters.

Types and Operation
– Built-on roller shutter door fixed to the building facade.
– Built-in roller shutter doors with the box integrated into the lintel above the window.
– Integrated roller shutter and window combined as a single unit.
– Roller shutter with tilting louvres, similar to an external venetian blind.
– Manual operation with gear drive, tape drive, or spring assist. Motorized options available.

– Slats made of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel in various designs.
– Roller or axle tube made of steel or aluminum, supported by end plates.
– Shutter box, a formed steel or aluminum extrusion box for component protection.
– Shutter spring, made of spring wire or hardened and tempered steel strips.
– Guide rail or track made of steel or aluminum to retain the shutter curtain.

Related Window Coverings
– Roller blind, another type of window covering.
– Roll-down curtain, a similar security feature.

– Minneapolis businesses install security shutters after rule changes. (Star Tribune, 2021)Sources: