Rim lock

Definition and Basic Design of Rim Locks
– Rim locks are locking devices that attach to the surface of a door.
– They are the oldest type of locks used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
– Rim locks typically consist of a single lever and a sliding bolt.
– Additional security can be provided by using wards.
– These locks are not suitable for high-security applications.

Size and Types of Rim Locks
– Most older rim locks were large, with some measuring up to 40 by 25 centimeters.
– Night latches are the most common type of rim locks used on exterior doors in the British Isles.
– In the United States, rim locks and rim latches are often found on wooden screen doors.
– Rim locks can also be seen on antique pantries, pie safes, and other cabinets.
– Some rim lock and latch sets have a shallower backset, allowing their use on doors with narrow rails.

Usage of Rim Locks in Different Countries
– Rim locks are widely used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
– In the United States, they are commonly used on wooden screen doors and antique cabinets.
– These locks are not commonly used in high-security applications.
– Rim locks are often replaced by modern bored cylindrical locks or mortise locks.
– Rim locks are more suited for historical or decorative purposes.

References on Rim Locks
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