Przeworsk culture

Influences and Connections
– Przeworsk culture is an adaptation of the Celtic La Tène culture technology
– Influenced by the Jastorf culture to the west
– Associated with the Zarubintsy culture in northern Ukraine and southern Belarus
– Absorbed by the Wielbark culture and Chernyakhov culture in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD

– Przeworsk culture people lived in small, unprotected villages
– Houses were partially below the ground level
– Villages had wells for water supply
– Fields were used for crop cultivation and grazing
– Micro-regions and tribes were formed for cooperation and defense

– Przeworsk culture was linked to the Lugii, Vandals, and early Slavs
– Recent studies suggest closer similarities to early medieval West Slavs than to medieval Germanic-speaking populations

– Decline of the Przeworsk culture coincided with the invasion of the Huns
– Social crisis due to the collapse of the Roman world and trade contacts

Legacy and Significance
– Przeworsk Culture is an important precursor to the development of Slavic cultures in the region
– Archaeological sites associated with the Przeworsk Culture continue to be studied and provide valuable insights into the Iron Age societies of the region
– The culture has left a lasting impact on the cultural heritage and identity of the modern nations in the areaSources: