Private Security Authority

Functions and Responsibilities of the Private Security Authority
– Control and supervision of persons providing security services
– Improving standards in the security industry
– Granting, renewing, suspending, and revoking licenses
– Establishing and maintaining a register of licensees
– Issuing identity cards to licensees for display while working
– Specifying qualifications, standards, or requirements for obtaining licenses

Sectors Regulated by the Private Security Authority
Door Supervisor
– Installer of Electronic Security Equipment
– Security Guard
– Providers of Protected forms of Transport
– Locksmiths

Additional Sectors Regulated by the Private Security Authority
– Supplier and Installers of Safes
– Private Investigators
– Security Consultants
– Event security
– Monitoring of intruder alarm and CCTV equipment

Register maintained by the Private Security Authority
– Register of licensed providers of security services
– Register of licensed employees
– Register includes the specific services employees are licensed to provide

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