Power door locks

Remote and handsfree keyless entry systems
– Pressing a button on the key unlocks all car doors.
– Another button locks the car.
– In 1980, Ford introduced an external keypad-type keyless entry system.
– Nissan Maximas in the early to mid-1980s could be installed with a keypad.
– Subaru Legacy in the 1990s could be opened by pulling the driver’s external door handle a specific number of times.

Radio frequency remote keyless system
– Many cars with power door locks have this system.
– The first remote keyless system was available on the Renault Fuego in 1982.
– Luxury car makers allow windows to be opened or closed using the remote control key fob.
– The ignition key can also be used to control the windows.
– Remote locking system confirms successful locking and unlocking through light or horn signals.

Proximity system
– Some cars have a proximity system triggered by a keylike transducer.
– The system activates when the transducer is within a certain distance of the car.
– This system offers handsfree operation.
– It provides convenience and ease of use.
– The transducer acts as a key to unlock and start the car.

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