Nassau County Legislature

Composition and History of the Nassau County Legislature
– District: Kevan Abrahams, Siela A. Bynoe, Howard J. Kopel, John R. Ferretti Jr., Denise Ford
– Party: Democratic, Republican
– Residence: Roosevelt, Howard J. Kopel
– Elected: 2002
– Minority caucus leader: Kevan Abrahams
– Western portions of Queens County joined New York City in 1898, forming Nassau County
– Nassau County Board of Supervisors established with six members
– Weighted vote system based on Banzhaf power index
– Board of Supervisors ruled unconstitutional in 1993
– Nassau County Legislature created in 1995 with Republican majority

Salary of Nassau County Legislature
– Legislature salary set at $39,500 in the charter
– Charter allows for salary to be raised or lowered by law
– Salary raised to $75,000 in 2015 amidst county financial crisis
– Salary increase went into effect in 2017

Process of Standing Committees and the Floor
– Issues introduced to legislature sent to committees for review and consideration
– Sent to Rules Committee for further review
– Debated and voted on by all members on the floor
– If passed, sent to county executive for signing
– Public can attend meetings and speak at designated time

Standing Committees of the Nassau County Legislature
– Budget Review (Chair: John R. Ferretti Jr.)
– Economic and Community Development and Labor (Chair: Thomas McKevitt)
– Finance (Chair: Howard J. Kopel)
– Government Services and Operations (Chair: John R. Ferretti Jr.)
– Health and Social Services (Chair: Rose Marie Walker)

Other Information
– The Nassau County Legislature was established in 1995 with a Republican majority.
– The legislature’s salary was raised to $75,000 in 2015 during a county financial crisis.
– The salary increase went into effect in 2017.
– Public can attend meetings and speak at designated times.Sources: