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Types of Motorcycles
– Motorcycles have two wheels and a motor.
– Some motorcycles have a sidecar for an additional passenger.
– On-road bikes require a special license to be ridden legally.
– Off-road bikes are not allowed on public roads.
– Motorcycles can be used in sports such as motorbike racing.

Safety Gear for Motorcycle Riders
– Motorcycle riders should wear a helmet.
– Protective clothing like shoes and gloves can reduce injuries.
– Some protective clothing has armor for added safety.
– Motorcycles do not provide protection against wind and rain.
– Driving in winter or bad weather can be challenging.

Speed and Stunts in Motorcycle Sports
– Off-road bike sports focus on speed and stunts.
– On-road bikes are often faster than off-road bikes.
– Motorbike racing is a popular sport using on-road bikes.
– Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing.
– Motocross originated from motorcycle trials competitions in the UK.

Motorcycle as a Mode of Transportation
– Motorcycles are used as a cheap method of transportation in poor countries.
– They are affordable for people who cannot buy a car.
– In rich countries, large powerful motorcycles are used as a hobby or sport.
– Motorcycles are lighter than cars, allowing for quicker acceleration.
– However, motorcycles are less safe than cars due to the lack of a protective chassis.

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