Matt Blaze

Work and Contributions
– Received PhD in computer science from Princeton University.
– Implemented the Cryptographic File System (CFS) for Unix while working for AT&T.
– Presented a paper on CFS at the 1st ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security.
– Published a paper on key management in an encrypting file system.
– Discovered a critical weakness in the wiretapping mechanisms of the Clipper chip.

– PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University.
– MA in Computer Science from Princeton University.
– MS in Computer Science from Columbia University.
– BS from City University of New York (Hunter College).

– Published a paper on the architecture and implementation of network-layer security under Unix.
– Co-authored a paper on the impact of the internet on electronic surveillance law.
– Co-authored a paper on criminal defendants’ right to source code.
– Presented a paper on the cryptographic file system for Unix.
– Co-authored a paper on secure key lengths for symmetric ciphers.

Career and Recognition
– Joined the faculty at Georgetown University.
– Noted in The New York Times for finding a flaw in the Clipper chip.
– Joined the Tor Project’s new board of directors.
– Sold the domain for an undisclosed amount.

Related Topics
– Crypto naming controversy.
– Profile on Princeton University’s research directory.Sources: