Master Locksmiths Association

Certification and Referral
Locksmithing is not regulated by the government or the Security Industry Authority.
– Background checks on locksmiths became possible in 2009, except for those employed by schools or hospitals.
– The MLA has its own certification process for locksmithing companies.
– The MLA has approximately 350 Approved Companies.
– The Find a Locksmith website is the MLA’s referral program.

Membership Types
– The MLA has four member sectors: British Locksmiths Institute, Membership sector, Affiliate membership sector, and Guild of Keycutters.
– The MLA offers four grades of individual membership: Student, Advanced Student, Personal, and Fellow.
– The MLA also offers two types of organization membership: Approved Company membership and Affiliate membership.
– Approved Company membership is for locksmithing companies.
– Affiliate membership is for manufacturers and distributors.

Former Structure
– In 1998, the four membership divisions were: British Locksmiths Institute, MLA Trade Division, MLA Affiliate Division, and Guild of Keycutters.
– The structure has since changed.
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De facto Standards Body
– Publishers in the UK commonly recommend MLA members for locks, security hardware, and advice on physical security.
– The reliance on the MLA by all sectors has raised concerns about the accuracy of claims made by and about the MLA.
– Lack of regulation in the private security industry in the UK contributes to these concerns.

Related Organizations
– Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) is a similar organization in the United States.Sources: