Locking pliers

History and Brand Names
– First locking pliers invented by William S. Petersen in De Witt, Nebraska, United States in 1924
– M K Mole and Son in the United Kingdom began making nearly identical pliers in 1955
Vise-Grip is a popular brand name in the United States
– Mole Wrench is a popular brand name in the United Kingdom

– Vise Grips is a generic name for locking pliers in the United States
– Mole Wrench is a generic name for locking pliers in the United Kingdom
– The spelling ‘vise’ is mentioned in Samuel Johnson’s 1755 dictionary
– The spelling ‘vice’ can be traced back to 1584 for the clamping sense of the word
– ‘Vise’ is the orthodox spelling in the United States, while ‘vice’ is used in the rest of the English-speaking world

– Locking pliers remain clamped to an object without continuous pressure on the handles
– The over-center principle allows the pliers to maintain clamping pressure
– Adjusting the pliers using a threaded screw ensures proper clamping
Cam action brings the pliers to bear on the object
– Additional inner lever aids in releasing the pliers in modern versions

– The bolt is used to set the jaws to a size slightly smaller than the object to be gripped
– Lever action of locking pliers allows for greater force application
– Jaws never close beyond the set point, ensuring controlled force application
– Closing point and force can be finely controlled
– Locking pliers remain closed on their own until manually released

– Vise Grip is a brand mentioned in Living History Farm, York, Nebraska
– Vise-Grip is a brand under Irwin Brands
– Johnson’s Dictionary Online provides information on the spelling of ‘vise’ and ‘vice’
– F. Collins Wills & Admin. Knaresborough Court Rolls (1902) I. 145 mentions the spelling ‘vice’
– External links to Wikimedia Commons and articles on the history and use of locking pliersSources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locking_pliers