Harry Soref

[GROUP 1: Background and Early Life]
– Harry E. Soref was born on March 2, 1887.
– He was an American inventor and businessman.
– Soref was the founder of Master Co. and held eighty patents.
– He was known for his invention of the laminated padlock.
– Soref passed away on March 3, 1957, at the age of 70.

[GROUP 2: Locksmith Career]
– Soref was a master locksmith.
– He had a passion for locks and dreamed of improving their security.
– Soref’s expertise and innovation led to the creation of the laminated padlock.
– His invention revolutionized the lock industry.
– Soref’s locks became widely recognized for their strength and durability.

[GROUP 3: Master Co. and Patents]
– Soref founded Master Co., a company specializing in locks and security products.
– He held a total of eighty patents for his inventions.
– The laminated padlock was one of his most successful creations.
– Soref’s patents played a significant role in establishing his reputation as an inventor.
– Master Co. became a leading manufacturer of high-quality locks under Soref’s leadership.

[GROUP 4: Recognition and Legacy]
– Soref’s laminated padlock gained international recognition.
– His invention was praised for its innovative design and enhanced security features.
– Soref’s contribution to the lock industry is still acknowledged and celebrated today.
– He left a lasting legacy as a pioneer in lock technology.
– Soref’s work continues to inspire and influence locksmiths and inventors around the world.

[GROUP 5: References and Authority Control]
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– The ‘Milwaukee Notebook’ is another source of information about Soref.
– The ‘New York Times’ published an obituary for Soref upon his death.
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