Hardy tool

Introduction to Hardy Tools
– Hardy tools are metalworking tools used in anvils.
– They are also known as anvil tools or bottom tools.
– Hardy tools have a square shank that prevents them from rotating in the anvil’s hardy hole.
– The term ‘hardy’ specifically refers to a hot cutting chisel used in the square hole of the anvil.
– Other bottom tools are identified by their functions, such as chisels and bending drifts.

Types of Hardy Tools
– Swage: Used to make metal into a specific cross section, usually round for final use as nails, bolts, rods, or rivets.
– Fuller: Used to stretch or help bend metal, and create dents and shoulders.
– Many hardy shapes have corresponding hammer-like top tools with head shapes that help form metal.
– For example, a V-shaped swage is used with an inverted V-shaped hammer-like top tool to form iron into an angle shape.
– Each type of hardy tool serves a specific purpose in metalworking.

Applications of Hardy Tools
– Hardy tools are used to form and cut metal.
– They are essential for shaping and manipulating metal into desired forms.
– Hardy tools are commonly used in blacksmithing and other metalworking trades.
– They enable precise and efficient metalworking processes.
– With the right combination of hardy tools and top tools, intricate metal designs can be achieved.

Hardy Tools in Literature
– Sims, Lorelei’s book ‘The Backyard Blacksmith’ provides insights into hardy tools and their usage.
– The book offers practical advice and techniques for using hardy tools effectively.
– Jim Hrisoulas’ book ‘The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection’ also covers hardy tools.
– Hrisoulas’ book focuses on the art of bladesmithing and includes information on hardy tools.
– These literature resources serve as valuable references for individuals interested in learning about hardy tools.

Additional Resources
– Wikimedia Commons has a collection of media related to hardy tools.
– This allows users to visually explore different types of hardy tools and their applications.
– The Wikipedia page on hardy tools provides a comprehensive overview of the topic.
– The page includes references and external links for further research.
– Individuals can contribute to expanding the knowledge base on hardy tools by expanding the stub articles on metalworking and tool-related topics.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardy_tool