Related Trades
– Swordsmiths specialize in making swords.
– Knifemakers create knives and other cutlery.
– Scythesmiths craft scythes.
– Bladesmiths may also be known as blacksmiths or metalworkers.
– Other related trades include armorers, gunsmiths, and toolmakers.

Historic Bladesmithing
– Bladesmithing is an ancient art that has thrived for thousands of years.
– Different regions around the world have their own unique styles of bladesmithing.
– Some well-known styles include Japanese, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, and Korean bladesmithing.
– Bladesmithing techniques have been passed down through generations.
– Historic bladesmiths used various materials such as bronze, iron, and steel to create their blades.

Egyptian Bladesmithing
– Ancient Egyptians referred to iron as ‘copper from the heavens’ due to their limited access to native iron.
– Despite the rarity of iron, Egyptians used wrought iron to manufacture swords and blades as early as 3000 BC.
– Egyptian bladesmiths exported their techniques to Assyria, Babylon, and Greece through trade and conquest.
– They gained familiarity with ironworking techniques and recovered iron from meteorites.
– Egyptian bladesmiths played a significant role in the spread of ironworking technology.

Celtic Bladesmithing
– The Hallstatt culture in Celtic society used bronze and iron swords with rounded tips.
– Towards the end of the Hallstatt period, short daggers replaced swords.
– The La Tene culture reintroduced swords with a more pointed tip and different construction.
– Celtic bladesmiths were skilled in both bronze and ironworking.
– Celtic swords were known for their distinct shapes and designs.

Chinese Bladesmithing
– Traditional Chinese blades, known as jians, were often constructed using three or five plate construction.
– Bladesmiths sandwiched a core of hard steel between softer steel plates to create a sharp edge.
– Bronze jians were made using alloys with high copper content for the core and high-tin-content alloy for the edge.
– Chinese bladesmiths incorporated intricate designs and details into their blades.
– Chinese bladesmithing techniques influenced neighboring regions such as Japan and Korea.Sources: