Door chain

Uses and Advantages of Door Chains
– Allows communication with individuals outside the structure
– Enables exchange of small objects through the door
– Prevents unauthorized access into the structure
– Can cause delay or draw attention if locks are compromised
– Leaves evidence of force being used to gain access
– Easy to install and use
– Provides some security when dealing with strangers
– Resistant to tampering from the outside
– Requires physical force to open the door, leaving evidence
– Enhances overall security measures

Disadvantages of Door Chains
– Short screws that easily rip out
– Easily defeated by force that can defeat a deadbolt
– Straight tracks that can be separated from the chain
– Difficult for elderly or uncoordinated individuals to use
– Often installed improperly, making them vulnerable to attacks

Improvements to Door Chains
– Door chain should not allow enough space for a hand to reach through
– Prevents quick opening of the chain from the outside by intruders
– Enhances the effectiveness of the door chain in securing the door
– Ensures better protection against unauthorized access
– Reduces the risk of break-ins and intrusions

Alternatives to Door Chains
– Security screen doors provide additional hinges and locks for better security
– Allows communication with those outside and provides ventilation
– Can include mail slots for added convenience
– More expensive than regular doors, with separate lock purchases
– Installation can be challenging due to interference with doorknobs and peepholes

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