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BMW’s History and Establishment
– BMW was established in 1916 in Europe.
– It was founded in Germany in the 1910s.
– The company has been listed on the DAX.
– BMW’s history spans over a century.
– It is one of the oldest automotive companies in the world.

BMW’s Annual Report
– The BMW Group released its Annual Report for 2019.
– The report is available in PDF format.
– The original PDF can be accessed from the BMW Group’s website.
– The report was archived on March 19, 2020.
– The report provides insights into the company’s financial performance.

BMW on Wikipedia
– The Wikipedia page for BMW provides information about the company.
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– The page includes references and sources for further reading.
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BMW’s Contribution to the Automotive Industry
– BMW has made significant contributions to the automotive industry.
– The company is known for its innovative technology and designs.
– BMW has a reputation for producing high-performance vehicles.
– The brand is associated with luxury and quality.
– BMW has a global presence and a strong market position.

BMW’s Role in Transportation
– BMW plays a role in the transportation sector.
– The company manufactures cars, motorcycles, and engines.
– BMW vehicles are used for personal and commercial transportation.
– The brand is recognized for its reliability and safety features.
– BMW contributes to the overall development of transportation infrastructure.Sources: