ASTM International

History and Name Change
– Founded in 1902 as the American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials.
– Formed to address rail breaks in the railroad industry.
– Developed a standard for the steel used in fabricating rails.
– Changed its name to American Society for Testing And Materials in 1961.
– Officially changed its name to ASTM International in 2001 and added the tagline ‘Standards Worldwide’.

Membership and Organization
– Membership is open to anyone interested in ASTM’s activities.
– Standards are developed within committees.
– New committees are formed upon request of interested members.
– Members are classified as users, producers, consumers, and general interest.
– ASTM has over 30,000 members from more than 140 countries.

Standards Compliance
– ASTM International has no role in requiring or enforcing compliance with its standards.
– Standards may become mandatory when referenced by contracts, corporations, or governments.
– ASTM standards have been adopted in many federal, state, and municipal government regulations in the United States.
– Other governments worldwide have also referenced ASTM standards.
– All toys sold in the United States must meet the safety requirements of ASTM F963.

Related Organizations and Terms
– International Organization for Standardization.
– Materials property.
– Pt/Co scale.
– Technical standard.

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