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[GROUP 1: Assa Abloy’s Product Range]
– Low-security products: Yale locks
– Medium-security locks: Medeco locks
– High-security locks: Abloy locks

[GROUP 2: Assa Abloy’s Holding and Market Presence]
– Previous holding company: Securitas
– Assa Abloy is now independently quoted on the Swedish Stock Exchange
– Assa Abloy is a Swedish security firm
– Assa Abloy operates globally
– Assa Abloy has a strong presence in the security industry
– Assa Abloy is one of the largest lock manufacturers in the world
– Assa Abloy’s products are used in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and institutional

[GROUP 3: Assa Abloy’s Reputation]
– Assa Abloy is known for its high-quality locks
– Assa Abloy is trusted by customers worldwide
– Assa Abloy’s locks are known for their durability and reliability
– Assa Abloy has a reputation for innovation in the security industry
– Assa Abloy’s products meet rigorous security standards

[GROUP 4: Assa Abloy’s Business Operations]
– Assa Abloy has a diverse portfolio of security products
– Assa Abloy focuses on both mechanical and electronic security solutions
– Assa Abloy offers a wide range of access control systems
– Assa Abloy provides solutions for both residential and commercial applications
– Assa Abloy invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industrySources: