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Types of Windows
– Cross-window: A window with a mullion and a transom, forming a cross.
– Fixed window: A non-openable window designed to allow light to enter.
– Single-hung sash: A window with a movable horizontal sash at the bottom.
– Double-hung sash: A window with two independently movable sashes.
– Casement window: A window with a hinged sash that swings in or out.

Skylight and Roof Lantern
– Skylight: A window built into a roof to allow natural daylight and moonlight.
– Roof lantern: A glass structure on a roof that provides light and has various colors.

Stained-Glass Windows
– Stained-glass window: A window made of colored glass pieces, often depicting people or places.
– Transparent, translucent, or opaque glass can be used.
– Lead rods separate the glass pieces.
– Commonly found in churches.

Window Materials
– Different materials used for window frames: wood, polyvinyl chloride, composite, aluminum, steel, fiberglass.
– Movable window coverings such as blinds or curtains are common.
– Coverings provide insulation, privacy, and control over light.
– Excessive light can cause glare and heat gain.

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