Water detector

Importance of Water Leak Detection
– Water leak detection is essential for modern buildings and facilities with valuable assets.
– It is particularly necessary in data centers, trading floors, banks, archives, and critical infrastructure.
– The water leak detection industry is small and specialized, with only a few manufacturers worldwide.
– The original application was in computer room floors for large main-frame computer systems.
– The void under the floor was used for power, networking cables, chilled water pipes, and other wet services.

Types of Water Leak Detection Systems
– Digital water leak detection systems can locate multiple leaks with high accuracy.
– These systems can detect leaks within a 1-meter resolution over a complex network of cables.
– Older analog-based systems often had inaccurate reporting, causing downtime and potential damage.
– Water leak detection systems can be integrated with Building Management Systems using multiple protocols like Modbus.
– SNMP protocols allow leak detection systems to inform IT staff responsible for monitoring data centers.

Integrated Multi-Zone Systems
– The early application of leak detection systems was in computer rooms.
– Simple point of use detectors were not suitable for large computer rooms.
– Modern leak detection systems use water-sensitive cables that can be laid in long lengths and complex patterns.
– These cables can be placed around the base of the floor, perimeter of rooms, or attached directly to water pipes.
– Point sensors are still valuable for simple, single-point detection in basements and sumps.

General Application of Leak Detection Systems
– Computer rooms have been replaced by data centers, but leak detection remains crucial.
– Most new commercial and office constructions use computer-room style raised floors.
– The installation of leak detection systems is becoming more common in new construction projects.
– Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers assess the risk of damage from leaks to the client’s operations, services, and assets.
– Leak detection systems are also installed in museums, galleries, and archives to protect valuable artifacts.

Characteristics of Leak Detection Systems
– Leak detection systems must be unobtrusive, effective, and robust.
– They should withstand dirt and moderate physical abuse during construction.
– Zoned systems are considered safe, reliable, and less prone to false alarms.
– Systems using cumulative resistance techniques may be more prone to false alarms.
– Westminster Group PLC is a reference in the field of leak detection systems.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_detector