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Types of Trailers
– Boat trailer
– Horse trailer
– Utility trailer
– Semi-trailer truck trailer
– Travel trailer

Uses of Trailers
– Transporting boats
– Moving horses
– Hauling goods
– Carrying construction equipment
– Providing temporary housing

Trailer Features
– Hitch for attaching to a vehicle
– Wheels for mobility
– Storage compartments for equipment
– Lighting for safety
– Ramps for easy loading and unloading

Trailer Sizes
– Small trailers for personal use
– Medium-sized trailers for commercial purposes
– Large trailers for industrial transportation
– Extra-large trailers for oversized cargo
– Customized trailers for specific needs

Trailer Safety
– Regular maintenance to ensure roadworthiness
– Proper weight distribution for stability
– Secure tie-downs to prevent shifting loads
– Adequate braking systems for control
– Adherence to traffic regulations and speed limitsSources: