Slim jim (lock pick)

Definition and Description of Slim Jim
– A slim jim is a thin strip of metal, usually spring steel
– It is approximately 60 centimeters (24 inches) long and 2-4 centimeters (0.79-1.57 inches) wide
– Originally marketed by HPC Inc., a manufacturer of locksmithing tools
– Also known as a lockout tool
– Used to unlock automobile doors without a key or lock pick

Operation of Slim Jim
– Slim jims act directly on the levers and interconnecting rods that operate the door
– The hooked end of the tool is slipped between the car’s window and the rubber seal
– It catches the rods that connect to the lock mechanism
– With careful manipulation, the door can be opened
– Unskilled use of the tool may detach the lock rods, rendering the lock inoperable

Use of Slim Jim in Grand Theft Auto
– Slim jims are commonly used in grand theft auto
– Criminals use them to unlock stolen vehicles
– The tool allows them to bypass the complexity of dealing with the lock mechanism
– It provides a quick and easy method of gaining access to a locked car
– The use of slim jims is often a clue that a car has been broken into

Countermeasures against Slim Jim
– Newer cars have incorporated internal defenses against slim jims
– Barrier blocks on the bottom of the window prevent entry
– Shrouding the operating rods and lock cylinder prevents manipulation of internal linkages
– These countermeasures make it more difficult to use a slim jim to unlock a car
– Manufacturers state that it is impossible to set off the side airbag deployment system with a slim jim

Research and MythBusters Experiment
– Unsubstantiated claims suggest that using a slim jim can set off the side airbag deployment system
– The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that this has not been verified
– Manufacturers also state that it is impossible to trigger the airbag with a slim jim
– An episode of MythBusters showed experimenters unable to deploy an airbag with a slim jim
– Research and experiments suggest that the risk of setting off airbags with a slim jim is minimalSources: