Night latch

Night Latch
– Definition: A type of lock used on doors that automatically locks when the door is closed.
– Provides additional security for homes and buildings.
– Commonly used in residential and commercial settings.
– Often installed in conjunction with other locks for enhanced security.

The Handymans Guide: Essential Woodworking Tools and Techniques
– Book written by Paul N. Hasluck.
– Covers various woodworking tools and techniques.
– Provides valuable information for individuals interested in woodworking projects.
– Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781626366589
– Available on Google Books.

– Book written by John Ames Mitchell.
– Explores different aspects of life and offers insights into various topics.
– Available on Google Books.
– Publication date: 26th September 2018.
– Provides a unique perspective on life and its complexities.

COURT SECURITY: A Guide for Post 9-11 Environments
– Book written by Tony L. Jones.
– Serves as a guide for enhancing security in court environments.
– Published by Charles C Thomas Publisher.
– ISBN: 9780398084356
– Offers valuable insights and strategies for improving court security.

Sturgis Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture and Building: An Unabridged Reprint of the 1901-2 Edition
– Comprehensive reference book on architectural and building terms.
– Reprint of the 1901-2 edition.
– Published by Courier Corporation.
– ISBN: 9780486145921Sources: