Master keying

Master Keying
– A master key operates a set of several locks.
– Master-keyed locks have a change key and a master key.
– Master keyed pin tumbler locks often have two shear points.
– Some locks have two cylinders, one for the change key and one for the master key.
– Master keyed lock systems generally reduce overall security.

Maison Key System
– A maison key system permits a lock to be opened with multiple unique keys.
– Maison key systems are often found in apartment buildings.
– Each individual lock in a maison key system can be operated by every key within the system.
– Some jurisdictions prohibit the use of maison key systems in certain complexes.
– High-security or electronic access control systems are used as alternatives in these locations.

Skeleton Key
– Skeleton keys are mentioned in the “See Also” section.

Fire Brigade Key
– Fire brigade keys are mentioned in the “See Also” section.

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