Regulation and Industry Standards
– Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 regulates locksets in public buildings
– Lever handles are preferred over doorknob-controlled latches for easier operation
– Many municipalities regulate locksets based on fire rating standards
– Building codes may forbid certain lockset types in group occupancies
– Hotel or motel doors may have specific lockset requirements
– American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) develop performance standards for locksets
– Standard A156.2 covers locks and handle sets
– Standard A156.5 covers deadbolts
– Standard A156.18 covers finishes

Aspects of a Lockset
– Locksets are graded for security and durability according to ANSI/BHMA standards
– Grade 1 is the highest commercial grade, with a 360-pound weight test
– Grade 2 is a residential grade, with a 250-pound weight test
– Grade 3 is the minimum acceptable residential grade
– Locksets can have either mortise or cylindrical mechanisms

Two Types of Latches
– Locksets may have latch bolts, deadbolts, or a combination of both
Latch bolts allow the door to be closed and latched without retracting the bolt
– Deadbolts resist being forcibly retracted once projected
– Latch bolts can have a guardbolt to prevent unwanted retraction
– Deadbolts can be operated by a thumbturn or key

Keyed and Non-Keyed Locksets
– Locksets can be fitted with keyable locks on the inside, outside, or not at all
– Single-keyed locksets have a key on one side, while double-keyed locksets have keys on both sides
Cylinder refers to any type of keyed lock, not the lockset mechanism
– Locksets have different functions for specific door uses
– ANSI/BHMA assigns standard alphanumeric codes to lockset functions

Types of Locksets
– Privacy Locksets (F75, F01, F76A, F22, F76B)
– Entry Locksets (F81, F82, F82B, F109, F84)
– Classroom Locksets (F05, F06, F32, F110, F32)
– Storeroom Locksets (F112, F113, F07, F90, F86)
– Other Locksets (F112, F113, F26)Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockset